If you are interested in showing your support, you may mail a cheque payable to Alan Burke’s Campaign to:

2255B Queen Street East, Suite 248, Toronto, Ontario  M4E 1G3

Or email your Visa or MasterCard number, along with Expiry Date to

  1. I can accept any amount of money up to a maximum of $750 from any one individual
  2. For any amount over $20.00 it must be paid for by cheque or credit card
  3. I cannot accept any donations from trade unions or corporations.

I will greatly appreciate any donation you care to make; and I should mention that there is a very generous contribution donation rebate program for donations to City Council candidates.  Any donation from $25 to $300, has a 75% rebate.  This mean for example if you donation, $100, you will get back a cheque for $75 from the City of Toronto.  For full details on the Contribution Rebate Program go to:


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