Campaign Platform

Dear residents of Beaches – East York I am writing today to introduce myself to you as a candidate for Toronto City Council for Ward 32, in the Election scheduled for Monday October 27, 2014.  In a few words, my campaign theme is:

Proven Results for Beaches – East York for over 15 Years

Key Items in my Campaign Platform:

More Daycare Spaces

Maintaining our Waterfront Parks, and ensure we have the staff we need to do so.

Cleaning up the problems at Woodbine Beach Park & Ashbridges Bay (I have already started working on this). We have had a rash of car break ins this summer, an assault of a restaurant patron, and illegal bonfires causing many problems, including some ones foot getting severely burned.  Due to my intervention a permit by Toronto Fire has been issued for the former Fire Pit at Ashbridges Bay so we can start using it again, a review of the parking lot lighting is occurring by the Toronto Parking Authority, and Toronto Police Service 55 Division will be conducting a Crime Prevention through Environmental Design review for the entire eastern beaches from the R. C. Harris Water Filtration Plant to the tip of Ashbridges Bay.  Also the police have recently arrested two people in connection with the break ins at Woodbine Beach., I had escalated this issue to Chief Blair’s office so more resources were allocated to this problem.

I will work to reverse the cuts to The Toronto Fire Service that current Ward 32 Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahone supported in the last city budget. Toronto does not meet the North American standard for response time (National Fire Protection Association’s international standard for fire protection) by a Fire Department, we can’t afford to lose 84 firefighters and four fire trucks.  We should not be gambling with residents lives!

Working to move transit forward, and start to show results now.

Changing the substandard sewer lines, particularly south of Queen Street to stop the basement flooding.

Creating employment, I will  be launching a new company in 2015, which will create good high paying jobs.

Managing development, so we ensure we maintain the integrity of Queen Street East in The Beach!

Ensure shelters like Heyworth House are run properly.

I encourage you to call my campaign office at 416 GO BURKE (416-462-8753) for further information.  My promise to you is to return all calls in one business day.

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